When the user is in any danger and shakes their mobile (screen light must be on), it triggers an alarm for their emergency contact(s) and their emergency contacts get to know their location even user have No Internet Connection.

Offline Location Tracking

Even if the Internet service is off on the user's phone, user can send an emergency alert to the emergency contacts if is in any danger and shakes their mobile (screen light must be on).

Get Emergency Alert

An emergency alert popup will automatically trigger if an emergency alert comes and the person can get the location of the victim and call directly using Zena alert.

Shake to Emergency Call

Users can have an emergency call number pre-saved in Zena App. Upon shaking the mobile when in danger, ZenaApp will automatically connect the call so the user does not have to unlock the phone and dial the number manually.

Complete SOS Services

Users can create an emergency call shortcut or direct call from notification or the Zena app to the emergency contact. Also can send the location by SMS and users can use the flashlight SOS alert.

All Freatues of Zena App


SMS Alert

Send current location, blood group, and battery percentage in just one click to the emergency contact.

Emergency Call

Call directly to the emergency number using Zena App

Make Siren

Make a loud siren sound in an emergency situation to scare the attacker and get the attention of the public.

Flash Alert

Silently send the torch SOS alert when you are in an emergency situation.

Video Recorder

Make evidence using the Zen Video recorder to show as proof of guilt.

Nearest Emergency Contacts

Get the contact number and all details of the nearest Police Station, Firefighter, Doctor, Ambulance, Hospital, etc in just one click.


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What is Zena App?

ZenaApp is a must have safety & security app for women and senior ctizens but can be used by any individual who gives security topmost priority. Features are:

  1. Offline Location Send
  2. Track Location of Victim
  3. SOS torch
  4. Automacally Emergency Call
  5. Video Recording
Is Zena App run on Offline?

Yes! It's run on offline and share your location to your family and friends just in one shake (screen light must be on) also auto dial emergency number.

Is Zena App always show my location to my emergency contact?

No, We respect privacy hence we have designed ZenaApp in a way that it will only share the user's location when the user willingly wants to let their emergency contact(s) know their location. The user's location is not shared all the time.

Is Zena App save emergency contact(s), location, other data in their server?

No, To respect user's privacy, we do not save their phone contacts, their emergency contact(s),SMS data, call data & the user's location in our server. We only save user's phone number, name, blood group which they given when signup or edit their profile.

Why Zena App is Free?

According to the latest NCRB report, 2019 saw over 4 lakh reported cases of crime against women. NCRB reported 32,033 rape cases which are about 88 rape cases daily. In 2018, more than 93 percent of the rape cases reported were done by someone known to the victim. Women have the right to be free from violence, harassment and discrimination and removing the barriers of an unsafe environment can help women fulfil their potential as individuals and as contributors to work, communities and economies.

We are a nonprofit because we believe in a free, Women safety for anyone, anywhere. Instead of ads or subscriptions, we are supported by individual contributions from people like you.

Help us do more

We'll get right to the point: we're asking you to help support Zena. We're a nonprofit that relies on support from people like you. Please help keep Zena free, for anyone, anywhere forever.

NCW Certificate

NCW Certificate

In Case of Emergency be Prepared

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